We are so glad we found the oaks! It is truly a blessing. When we moved back here we were looking for a church to call home. Ever since we stepped foot in the doors it felt so welcoming! Our family is so overfilled with Joy to call The Oaks our church home ❤️.  #welcomed #accepted #loved

-Paisley G



I've always felt like a bit of a misfit in church, but not here. The Oaks' motto, "Welcomed, Accepted, Loved" is not just words. This community of believers lives out their faith in a way that is inspiring and REAL. This is a family that prays with and for each other, celebrates each other's joys, and supports one another in the struggles. Oh, and did I mention the music? It's pretty great.  I love, love, LOVE The Oaks.

-Michele E. 



The Oaks is an oasis in the midst of a spiritual desert for me. It’s the first church where I feel accepted for who I am, not who people want me to be. I can be open with my brokenness, and not ever feel ashamed about it. What’s even more important, is that I’m lovingly pursued by those in the church trying to help me heal. This community loves to pour into each other and be authentic. I may be pessimistic at times, or even cuss too much, but regardless of these things, The Oaks Family doesn’t abandon me. The Oaks is the only church I’ve been where I can share my doubts about faith, and still be lifted up, not just told how wrong those thoughts are. At The Oaks, I am more than welcomed, accepted, loved... I’m family.

-Andy S. 



My favorite thing about The Oaks is the desire to bring the love and grace of Jesus to everyone can be felt. Everyone is welcome! Everyone is accepted! Everyone is loved! You can be fancy or casual; exploring who this guy Jesus is or being and old friend of His; a sinner needing a savior or a sinner who has been redeemed; someone who knows the bible well or doesn't know it at all; broken or whole; all ages, all stages of life, all lifestyles, EVERYONE is welcome. The bible says when Jesus was asked what the most important commandment is, he replied, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment, and the second is like it: Love your neighbor." (Matt 22:37-39) The Oaks puts God first by loving and worshipping Him with heart, mind, and soul.  From this pours out how the Oaks treats people. Every person is their neighbor, welcomed and invited to get to know the God who loves them so much He died for them, but who rose to life again and wants to be their best friend.

-Sarah S.



When we first started attending I didn't want to have anything to do with any "extra" church stuff. Then I saw how alive God is in our church and how he is moving in our community and  our lives I couldn't help but want to get involved. Having and accepting all in whatever point of life you're in is a big part of what makes this church great. Welcomed, accepted, loved isn't just a clever slogan that looks good on a hashtag. It is a core value on what this church is based on. We don't feel like church members, we feel like a church family.

-Anthony B.



What do I love about my church home at The Oaks?

  1. I love that everyone is welcome, accepted and loved at The Oaks.

  2. My church family is warm and loving. 

  3. Pastor Jon is an awesome pastor! He’s warm, kind, funny, genuine, smart, funny, caring, and did I mention he’s funny? :) He’s also a great preacher. 

  4. The Praise Band is awesome! I love music and singing, so I really enjoy being able to worship God in this way. 

The Oaks is a great place to be if you love Jesus and want to know Him more!

-Merilyn V. 



The thing I love most about The Oaks is that they live true to their mission. To be Welcomed, Accepted, and Loved. As an introvert, it is hard for me to be myself and be welcomed in a church. But at The Oaks, everyone accepts me for who I am. Our small, tight-knit church is welcoming, loving and accepting of all people. It is this culture that allows all members not only celebrate great things Christ is doing in our life but it allows us to share our defeats. It is through this that we become stronger in Christ not by ourselves, but together as a body of Christ. It is the one place I go that I feel surrounded by God and His people, people like me. 

-Meghann D. 



There are so many things I love about the Oaks. The children’s program is wonderful, worship is spirit-filled, we have been able to easily make so many great friends, and the sermons feed us spiritually. However, I think the thing I love the most about The Oaks is how much we genuinely love others. It’s a judgment-free zone where ALL are welcomed and loved, regardless of race, age, economic status, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.  

-Erin B.


Anthony & Carrie

“We first came to The Oaks when our son joined the music team. We  came from a traditional service but now we love our contemporary service & love the music!  Welcomed, Accepted & Loved isn’t just a fancy slogan. When you come to The Oaks you feel it immediately! You aren’t judged! You can dress as you want, be any age, be single or be a family with kids. We’ve made so many new friends.  There are Bible Studies, activities, clubs and outreach activities available that you can easily find your niche. We are so happy to be in on the ground floor of this church and can’t wait to see it grow more!”

Anthony & Carrie W.