Who are we? We're glad you asked!


The Oaks is a new community of faith serving the Hudson Oaks area of eastern Parker County, TX. As followers of Jesus, we believe in a practical, lived-out faith that touches the world around us. We are a United Methodist Church in an area we call the Central Texas Conference. If you'd like to read more about what we believe, you can find more HERE. As a church, The Oaks welcomes all into a life in Christ, and we want to stand beside you as you experience the wholeness and salvation God offers us all.

Our Purpose

While it's very simple, we take our mission seriously: "Loving God and Loving Neighbor So All May See God's Love and Grace at Work in the World."

We exist to be a church where everyone can experience, be changed by, and grow in the love and grace of God with the result that we turn that love outwardly to the world.

Experience. When we experience the love and grace of God in community with others, our lives move from being oriented on ourselves to being God-centered, and this allows us to be a grace-filled people who are able to welcome everyone to experience God in this same way.

Change. When we come to trust that God’s love and grace meet us where we are, the very essence of who we are undergoes a transformation, and we become people who have a Jesus-centered view of life.

Growth. When we trust and follow Jesus as savior and Lord of our lives, God develops in us a deepening love for the world around us, and in turn we grow into people who strive to uplift the world around us with the Good News of the deeper life we have found in God. When we connect to God’s family in a local church, this leads us to share with the world around us: our prayers; our presence; our gifts; our witness to the salvation we find in Christ; and our service with the people of our community (and beyond).